PIKT graphical user interface (wannabee)
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gPIKT is a PIKT graphical user interface. It is written using Perl/Gtk. As of now, no other external modules are required. It's basic philosophy is to present the user a tree of systems and their elements. All of them can be dragged to "publish list", and the list can then be published with a simple click. Each system and element have a context menu, where almost all command line piktc options are implemented. gPIKT actually has the following features :

Latest release is 0.9 (Changelog)

Right mouse menu (on an item on the tree)
  • Add to publish list (adds the current element(s) to the publish list)
  • Install
  • Delete
  • Diff
  • Check
  • Double check
  • Alert daemon/Restart
  • Alert daemon/Kill
  • Service daemon/Restart
  • Service daemon/Kill
Main Screen
Output Window The output window displays the results of piktc executions. Depending if you have selected verbose mode or not in the main menu, -v option will automatically be appended to all piktc runs, and subsequent output displayed in the output window.

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